• investigations about clarification of an appropriate location of the site and of the conditions for building
  • engineering studies, including geological, geotechnical, hydrogeological, hydrological, etc., as their content is determined depending on the site’s location, type, character and specificity
  • geodetic surveys
  • technological researches
  • optional researches about rehabilitation or building new energy powers
  • studies during reconstruction, additional construction and superstruction of existing buildings

Performing structural investigations of constructions using certified measurement equipment

  • preparation of investment projects for all parts, as well as the related to the project preliminary investigations
  • performing technical control for the investment project’s part Constructive

Design of:

  • residential buildings
  • public buildings
  • commercial purposes buildings
  • industrial buildings and facilities
  • sites with reinforcement of building structures

  • performing an investigation before compiling of technical passport
  • preparation of a technical passport pursuant Ordinance №5 for the constructions’ technical passports

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